Minutes from 1.26.12

Human Rights Society


·         FINANCES

o   Bake Sale Collection $148

§  What to do with it?

·         May need to deposit money through SBA before spending/donating/sponsoring

§  Donation Options

·         Co-Sponsor Ping Pong

o   If we can donate in our name we will participate.  Thai to check with Justin Levine (head of racket club)

o   Heffer International and/or OXFAM would be charity choices

·         Human Trafficking Film Festival

o   Decision made to give $50 to co-sponsor

o   Ideally, we would align ourselves with the Human Trafficking Club;  this is a trial run

o   SBA Funding

§  Brian Badgley, Dave Samuels and Lee Meryash will take lead to apply for more money

§  Eligible for $800

§  Need ideas for events to put on application

§  Due ASAP (they vote on funding once p/month)

·         EVENTS/IDEAS

o   Prof. Graham suggests potential speaker event w/UN Rep for Indigenous People’s Rights

o   NDAA debate w/Federalism Society

§  Dave Greco = Federalism contact

§  may need to offer honorarium to speakers (couple of hundred dollars)

§  check with locals (BU/Harvard)

§  Subcommittee

·         Brian, Lillian, Thai, Chris, Courtney

o   Social Event / Fundraising

§  $5 Tickets?  Looking at February event

§  Courtney in charge of subcommittee for fundraising

·         Mary and Jason to help

o   Film festival type event?

§  There is a Boston Independent Film festival 4/25 – 5/2

·         May be relevant films showing; perhaps get them shown on campus, bring in directors?

·         http://www.iffboston.org/


o   Blog

§  Lee is editor;  needs content and needs to figure out logistics of submitting/posting

§  Kelly previously expressed interest in providing content          

·         Brian to follow up

§  How can we solicit content from the rest of Suffolk Law?

·         Thai to talk to his contact regarding advertising

·         Prof. Graham recommends use of guest bloggers (Lee to research)

o   i.e. visiting Islamic Law Prof

o   Twitter

§  Still ooking for someone to manage